Reading Fundamentals has been committed to assisting an expanding number of students with reading challenges for 10 years.   

We work in a positive, homely environment, where students can feel relaxed, and where they are continually encouraged and nurtured.  Our professional, passionate, and empathetic team of facilitators are carefully selected and trained to instil in students a positive and confident attitude towards all areas associated with reading.

At Reading Fundamentals we offer two options of remediation: –

  • The Cellfield Neuroscientific Reading Intervention Programme (a scientific programme researched and developed in Australia)Please refer to ‘SERVICES’.
  • Traditional Reading Intervention.  Please refer to ‘SERVICES’.

Initial psychometric evaluations are undertaken to assess areas of weakness in reading and comprehension; and to assist us in evaluating and recommending a desired course of intervention for the student.

As is often said; “From Grades 1 to 3 we learn to read, and from Grade 4 upwards we read to learn.” It is therefore vitally important that the basic skills associated with reading become an automatic function as quickly as possible.

It is vitally important to remember that a challenge in reading and comprehension skills affects all subjects, not only English.

If a child’s reading does not progress at the required annual rate of 12 months, a reading gap develops, and widens each year.  Students then fall further and further behind, and are continually playing ‘catch-up’.  This widening gap affects all academic areas, often resulting in a decrease in confidence, frustration, and the belief that they will never achieve their goals.

It is therefore our goal to assist in bridging these gaps, and to strengthen reading and comprehension skills, so that our students can feel confident, and are able to cope at levels required in all academic fields.